Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in worldwide ties

Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in worldwide ties

Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in worldwide ties

I think everyone is going to feel it at this point. After the bombing stopped the Syrian presidency posted on Twitter a video of Mr Assad, dressed in suit and tie, confidently strolling into work.

"The last time the United States launched a missile attack against the Shayrat airfields (in April 2017), it really did not put a dent into Syria's chemical weapons arsenal or air forces", Piazza said.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Trump wanted to do heavier damage to Assad's war machine but ultimately settled on degrading his chemical weapons capability in part because he was reminded that part of his domestic political base was opposed to the United States getting dragged deeper into the Syria quagmire.

The US, UK and French military have begun military attacks on a number of chemical weapons facilities in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Assad, Putin, Rouhani and Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah have accused the West of using the strikes to sabotage an worldwide inquiry into the chemical weapons claims.

Syria and Russian Federation deny that any chemical attack occurred and say the incident was staged by foreign intelligence services so it could be used as a pretext for military action against Assad. Fractured opposition forces have had varying levels of support from the West, Arab states and Turkey. It effectively ends a almost seven-year rebellion near Damascus and marks Assad's most significant victory since Aleppo in late 2016.

"If it is finished, and there is no second round, it will be considered limited", the official said.

"We'll see how smart he is", Haley said. "There is broad-based worldwide support for the action we have taken", May said.

Worldwide inspectors launched their investigation Sunday into an alleged chemical attack near Damascus that prompted an unprecedented wave of Western strikes against Syria's regime.

Without the United Nations authorization, the US -led aggression against Syria has been widely criticized for violating the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation by resorting to the use of force based on unverified claims.

Khatib said she doesn't believe most Canadians are aware of the true scale of the human rights atrocities that are striking her home country.

Associated Press reporters saw smoke rising above eastern Damascus and spotted fiery streaks of surface-to-air missiles.

An AP reporter who went to the Center for Scientific Research on the northeastern edge of Damascus found the three-story building nearly completely destroyed and still smoking hours after it was hit. Barzah is the location of a major Syrian scientific research center.

Even 10 hours after the missiles hit, smoke was still rising from the remains of five destroyed buildings of the Barzah centre, where a Syrian employee said medical components were developed.

The combined U.S., British and French assault appeared more intense than a similar strike Trump ordered nearly exactly a year ago against a Syrian air base in retaliation for an earlier chemical weapons attack that Washington attributed to Assad.

United States envoy Haley also said that if Trump draws the red line, he enforces it and the USA will continue to sustain pressure on Syria. Evidence that the nerve agent sarin also was used was inconclusive, he said.

As the sun rose, hundreds had gathered in Damascus' landmark Omayyad Square, celebrating what they said was the army's success in foiling the U.S-led military action. Syria agreed in 2013 to give up its chemical weapons.

"It's a clumsy effort to find an explanation if the claim of the chemical weapons use in Syria fails to get confirmation", Shulgin said at a briefing. The U.S. must maintain and increase its presence in Syria in order to stand up to Russia and stand with its allies like Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states who know America's presence in Syria can prevent a Russian and Iranian takeover of the country. The earlier strike, involving 59 cruise missiles, was in response to a chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province.

"More bombings and the continued presence of 2,000 US troops in northeast Syria. would undoubtedly prolong the war and the suffering of Syria's people", Glass told USA TODAY.

The bombings, hailed by US President Donald Trump as a success but denounced by Damascus and its allies as an act of aggression, marked the biggest intervention by Western countries against Mr Assad and his ally Russian Federation. But he said neither Trump nor the American people appear to have an appetite for a more involved military campaign in Syria. She blamed the Security Council and Russia's actions for failing in its duty to hold those who use chemical weapons to account.

"The strikes may convince (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to stop further use (of chemical weapons) by Assad as it remains clear we are pulling out of Syria". But neither Russian Federation nor Iran appears to have lost men or military kit in the strike.

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