People Traveling to MI are Advised to Get the Hepatitis A Vaccine

People Traveling to MI are Advised to Get the Hepatitis A Vaccine

People Traveling to MI are Advised to Get the Hepatitis A Vaccine

"Those populations include folks with injection and non-injection drug use history, individuals who were recently incarcerated, as well as men who have sex with men", Sutfin said.

It's not absolutely necessary to get a hepatitis A vaccination according to state health officials, despite the fact that MI is in the midst of a hepatitis A outbreak and in recently cautioned residents to get the vaccine if they plan to visit the Great Lakes state, or other parts of the country dealing with an outbreak of hep A, over the summer.

Cases have been confirmed in several counties, with the majority being reported in Clark and Floyd counties.

Three people have died in Kentucky from a Hepatitis A outbreak.

Health officials in IN say that they usually see less than 20 hepatitis cases each year, but 77 have been confirmed in 2018 alone "many of which are related to an outbreak in southern in". "Statewide, approximately 30 percent of the cases did not report risk factors".

"The best ways to prevent Hepatitis A is to get vaccinated (and) practice good hand washing, especially before preparing meals and eating after using the bathroom or diapering a child", Ray said. Transmission is presumed to occur person-to-person and through injection drug use; no commercial food product has been identified as being contaminated.

"It is scary", she said. "Not everybody is going to have all the symptoms, so you might have some milder cases that may not even get recognized".

"They may not think about Hepatitis A, because it is uncommon here in IN", said Pam Pontones, the Deputy State Health Commissioner and State Epidemiologist.

A person who has Hepatitis A is infectious two weeks before they began exhibiting symptoms and then about a week after the symptoms start.

Dr. Caloia said some people need the vaccine more than others.

"Those are the people who should be considering getting vaccinated", Sutfin said. "Adults can contact their local health department for an appointment and we accept most private insurance carriers", Ray said.

If you think you may have Hepatitis A, or may have been exposed, officials say to see your healthcare provider right away.

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