Parkland teacher volunteered to arm himself, then left gun in bathroom

Parkland teacher volunteered to arm himself, then left gun in bathroom

Parkland teacher volunteered to arm himself, then left gun in bathroom

The Herald reports that on April 8, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the MSD teacher left his loaded gun inside a bathroom stall while visiting Deerfield Beach Pier in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Court records show Simpson was released after posting a $250 bond. Simpson's name is familiar among some local Floridians, however, because he's the teacher who volunteered to arm himself at school in response to the deadly Parkland school shooting.

"I know there are some of us that are willing to take the training if it was offered and probably be another line of defense", Simpson said, according to Local 10. I'm not sure I would know the answer.

Five minutes after leaving the bathroom, Simpson realized he'd forgotten the gun. Simpson was able to get the gun from the man. Spataro was charged with trespassing and firing a weapon while intoxicated, Local10 reported.

Simpson has previously supported the student activists agitating for gun control and also expressed that he would also be open to arming staff members.

"There was a reasonable likelihood that the firearm could have ended up in the hands of a child or the discharge of the firearm could have wounded another person or child", deputies wrote in their arrest report.

When deputies got there they found the gun with seven bullets with a magazine loaded into it in Simpson's pocket, the report said. "They're not meant for hunting and my personal opinion is, if you need 30 rounds to hunt something, you should find another hobby".

The decision came a day after Kirk, whose appearances on college campuses have drawn protests, announced on Twitter he had accepted an invitation from students to speak at the Parkland school, which was the site of a February 14 shooting that left 17 dead.

On the other end of the spectrum, in the weeks after the Florida tragedy, President Donald Trump and others pushed a proposal to arm schoolteachers.

In the wake of the shootings in Parkland, Florida's legislature approved a $67 million program that provides funding to school districts to train teachers to carry guns. But Broward school board members voted Tuesday not to participate.

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