New lead in death of Palestinian engineer

New lead in death of Palestinian engineer

New lead in death of Palestinian engineer

Israel has neither denied nor confirmed the claims.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, said the photograph was obtained following the discovery of the high-powered motorcycle used by the two killers.

They show two light-skinned suspects who may be European or Middle Eastern.

"One of them has quite prominent facial features and ..."

On an allegation that the police had arrested a prime suspect in the case, which had also gone viral, Mohamad Fuzi said it was not true at all.

A Royal Malaysia Police handout of a computer-generated mugshot of one of the two men suspected of gunning down a Palestinian man in Kuala Lumpur released April 23, 2018.

A hospital post-mortem report showed Al Batsh, 35, was shot 14 times in his body and head, Fuzi told reporters, adding the suspects fired at least 20 rounds.

Batsh was married with three young children and had lived in Malaysia for 10 years.

Two armed Palestinians who crossed the border from Gaza into Israel on Tuesday were apprehended by IDF soldiers, the army said.

The case has drawn attention to the possible involvement of Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad.

"There is little doubt that United Kingdom equipment has been used against the people of Gaza time and again, but that hasn't stopped successive governments from licensing even more arms to the Israeli military".

Hamas, a militant group sworn to Israel's destruction, described Al Batch as a "commander" in its military wing and accused Israel of assassinating him.

"The death of Ahmed Abu Hussein underscores the need for Israeli authorities to urgently scrutinise its policies toward journalists covering protests and take immediate, effective action".

Hafidzi Mohd Noor, chairman of the Malaysian Islamist NGO MyCare, rejected Zahid's claims.

Mazlan Lazim, Kuala Lumpur police chief, told AFP a hunt had been launched for the pair.

The scientist's widow, Enas al-Batsh, spent two hours at the hospital holding his body Monday.

"Preparations are being done".

The Izz al-din Qassem Brigades are the active terrorists in Hamas and members of the group attended the public mourning. It hosts a Palestinian envoy and about 3,000 Palestinians, mostly university students.

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