Manhunt ends with man in slain deputy's cuffs

Manhunt ends with man in slain deputy's cuffs

Manhunt ends with man in slain deputy's cuffs

Eugene Cole, who was killed Wednesday morning, were used to secure John D. Williams, the suspect in his shooting death.

It's unclear what preceded the shooting, but Cole had been involved in the arrest of Williams' girlfriend several days earlier, and Williams was anxious about being arrested himself for failing to appear in court in MA on firearm charges the day of the shooting.

Officials did not say why they believe Williams shot and killed Cole early Wednesday morning, then stole his police auto and robbed an area convenience store before dumping the vehicle and fleeing on foot.

The suspect hid out in a remote campground in Norridgewock while being hunted by law enforcement.

Williams was wanted in the fatal shooting early Wednesday of Cole in the town of Norridgewock in central Maine.

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster confirmed reports Williams was restrained at about 12:45, Saturday, using the handcuffs of murdered Cpl. A $20,000 reward had been offered for information leading to his capture, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

He offered "limited resistance" when being arrested and taken to the Waterville Police Department for questioning, police said.

Hunting has been suspended in three ME towns as the manhunt continues for the fugitive police seek in connection with a deputy sheriff's fatal shooting.

Williams will be detained during the weekend and will make his initial court appearance early in the week. Williams then drove away in Cole's marked cruiser and was later seen on surveillance camera walking inside a convenience store.

It was unclear if Williams has an attorney to speak on his behalf.

Police declined to say whether he'd been apprehended, or had turned himself in.

During the manhunt, area residents were discouraged from holding any sort of public memorial because law enforcement didn't want any mass gatherings.

Williams' arrest ends a phase of the crisis, but an investigation into his alleged connection continues and a criminal trial lies ahead.

The sheriff's office said Cole was a 13-year veteran of the agency.

Sheryl Cole promised to Williams that he'd be treated the way her late husband would've treated him: "with dignity and respect".

A funeral for the popular deputy is scheduled for May 7, at a civic center in Bangor.

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