Israel withdraws plan to deport African migrants

Мигранты остаются в Израиле отменяют ордеры о депортации

Israel withdraws plan to deport African migrants

Israeli authorities on Tuesday admitted that their plan to relocate African asylum seekers has collapsed, adding that there is no opportunity to deport Africans from the country.

"Amnesty International will keep monitoring Israel's deportations of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers closely".

"Forcibly deporting to a third country is not an option at this stage", the state's reply read, referring to the plan to expel the migrants to Uganda or Rwanda. The Africans, almost all from dictatorial Eritrea and war-torn Sudan, say they fled for their lives and face renewed danger if they return.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and interior Minister Aryeh Deri reached agreement on the need for immediate opening of Holot and saharonim.

The Supreme Court has previously struck down legislation that permits such detention and ordered the facilities shut.

" I'm speechless. I was so scared every day".

The plan to deport the migrants had prompted an outcry from migrant advocates in Israel and a broad swath of the U.S. Jewish organizational community.

After leaving a United Nations -backed relocation plan a few weeks ago, Israel shifted efforts towards finalizing an arrangement to send the migrants against their will to Uganda.

A number of migrant rights groups petitioned the Supreme Court to block any such policy.

Amnesty also welcomed Tuesday's decision but criticized Israel's plan to continue with voluntary deportations.

Israel is still conducting what it calls "voluntary" deportations, though in reality there is nothing voluntary about them. Under the plan, migrants who had chosen to leave by March 31 would receive a payment of $3,500 as well as free airfare and other incentives. "Now, a decade late, the time has come to stop the incitement against asylum seekers and to act vigorously to strengthen south Tel Aviv and to aid in the absorption of asylum seekers".

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