Google Maps Adding Where's Waldo Mini-Game For The Next Week

Google Maps Street View illusion

Google Maps Google Maps Street View The images are knitted together after the 360-degree cameras

If you were trying not to get lost, you may have become a bit distracted by good ol' Wally waving at you from the left side of your navigation.

April Fools' Day is upon us, and like every year, Google is doing its best to outdo itself. There's even a Google Assistant component to this campaign; you can ask "where's Waldo?" on a Home speaker, Chromebook, or Android smartphone and. well, I'm not sure what happens, quite honestly. None other than Waldo of the classic Where's Waldo puzzle books has come to the mapping service, inviting users to play a mini game right in the mobile app or desktop browser. So, today if anyone uses Google Maps or on the following week, they will get to play Where's Waldo.

Click on that and then you'll be able to join in the Where's Waldo hunt. I love to travel around the globe-it's a whole world of fun.

The search giant (as Waldo) further explains, "The fun doesn't stop there". Once you spot me, you'll be transported to places all around the world, where you can search for me over and over again. Users can also win wonderful and wacky badges throughout the journey every time they find Waldo and his friends. The target is to find Waldo among his group of friends. Well, going by my Google Maps, he's now residing in Edinburgh's Craigcrook Castle. which may or may not be just up the road from me.

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