Gagik Tsarukyan to Support Pashinyan for Prime Minister

Armenia's protest leader Nikol Pashinyan has declared he is the only possible prime minister

Gagik Tsarukyan to Support Pashinyan for Prime Minister

Speaking to reporters after the meeting Pashinyan said the Republican party's faction is set not to impede his election as prime minister.

Armenian protest leader Nikol Pashinyan on Saturday scrambled for support in his bid to become prime minister amid key talks to break a deadlock over the country's next leader. Sargsyan's candidacy, which he had previously promised not to pursue, was made possible through a 2015 constitutional amendment that transformed Armenia's political system from a semi-presidential into a parliamentary republic.

Parliament is due to hold an emergency session on May 1 to vote in an interim prime minister that could bring the immediate political crisis to an end.

Pashinyan and his allies have been busy trying to build support for him with the ruling Republican Party and other parties in parliament where Pashinyan, before the protests, was part of a small opposition bloc with no chance of power. The parliament is scheduled to elect prime minister on May 1.

On April 23, at 16:00, Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned as widespread protests entered the 11th day. "We believe that the elections can be done within two months, however we find this topic to be discussable, that it can be done a bit later, however within the limits of logic, in order for the political arena to be more ready for it", Pashinyan said. Moscow holds talks and discussions with current government and established contact with leader of public protests Pashinyan.

Protesters in the capital Yerevan took to the streets to celebrate Sargsyan's resignation.

Channel One also recapitulated Pashinyan's career, saying he was the editor of a "radical opposition newspaper", that he was jailed for his role in "mass disorders", and is an opponent of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Kremlin's cross-border economic project that looks to unify certain post-Soviet states. But if parliament twice fails to elect a new prime minister with majority support, early elections must be held. "I will be ashamed if you block the republic's streets and avenues, while I am not with you".

Considering the presence of a significant Armenian diaspora in the United States, penetration into Armenia proved to be an easy task and, in Soghomonyan's opinion, everything began with the elites. He says that nothing threatens Russia's interests in Armenia, including the Russian military base in Gyumri, even after power change. The first president, Ter-Petrosyan, was pro-American. The demonstrators oppose the ruling Republican party.

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