Expensive, partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court race nears end

A Milwaukee family says it's outraged after seeing a political advertisement on TV that they say identifies child victims of sexual assault

A Milwaukee family says it's outraged after seeing a political advertisement on TV that they say identifies child victims of sexual assault

The Wisconsin election will have little effect on the state's supreme court, where conservative justices outnumber liberals five to two, but some believe that national political groups are looking at this election to signal how the 2018 midterm elections might go, The Marshall Project reported.

Walker started a tweetstorm late Tuesday night, saying, "Tonight's results show we are at risk of a #BlueWave in WI".

"The NRA backed my opponent, funded him in terms of sending out mailings on his behalf and I think it's important for Wisconsinites to be able to stand up against the special interests that have had way too much influence over our judicial system and that includes the NRA", Dallet says. "Next, they'll target me and work to undo our bold reforms". Dallet ran early ads that accused President Donald Trump of "attack [ing] our civil rights and our values", while Screnock portrayed himself as a "rule of law" conservative endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Dallet, a Milwaukee County judge, drew strong Democratic support including an endorsement from former Vice President Joe Biden. She is all set to serve a ten-year term, reports said. Like the races in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania before it, Dallet's win in Wisconsin is perceived to be a sign of a Democratic wave spreading across the country.

Her victory marks the first time since 1995 that a liberal candidate for Supreme Court won in a race where the seat is open. Both candidates in the general election portray themselves as law-and-order candidates, with even the more-liberal candidate eschewing specific stances on political policy, especially if it could come before the Court.

Dallet has been a Milwaukee County circuit judge since 2008 and prior to that was a prosecutor for more than a decade.

In more good news for Democrats, the party's candidates also won special elections on Tuesday for seats in the Rhode Island Senate and, in an upset, the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

"The court has slowly become more conservative over the past six or seven years".

Her win will not tip the balance of the court.

Democrats, who had surprised Republicans in January by flipping a state Senate seat in rural northwest Wisconsin, quickly turned to the Supreme Court race.

"That means there's an bad lot of people that stayed on the sidelines this week who will come in by the fall and we don't know whether they will tilt in the same direction or not", Franklin said.

Dallet says Screnock will be a "rubber stamp" on the court for Walker, the Republican Party, WMC and the NRA. "People get exhausted of that", Barrett said.

Polls have closed in Wisconsin where a race for the state Supreme Court is drawing national interest. The victor will be elected to a 10-year term on a court now controlled 5-2 by conservatives.

Voters statewide are deciding on a new Supreme Court justice, deciding whether to eliminate the state treasurer and taking on a host of local issues.

Conservatives held a 5-2 majority going into the election, so control wasn't at stake. While a 22 percent participation rate for any election is small, Tuesday's race saw the most voters engaged in a spring election since 2011, when protests in Madison against Walker's controversial union-busting bill were still ongoing.

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