Donald Trump to 'meet the Queen' during United Kingdom visit

Donald Trump to 'meet the Queen' during United Kingdom visit

Donald Trump to 'meet the Queen' during United Kingdom visit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump for a state visit when she became the first world leader to meet the president in the White House in January previous year.

Sources familiar with planning details told CNN on Wednesday that the July event will be categorized as a "working visit", which consists of far less pomp and circumstance than what was seen at the recent state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte.

The controversial visit, which has been widely condemned, has been described as a move by May to set foundations for a trade deal with the U.S. after Brexit.

Mr Paisley tweeted that Mr Trump would be 'welcomed by those who care for great UK-USA trade and political relations.

The ambassador was unable to confirm who Mr Trump would meet in July but asked if it could include the Queen, the ambassador replied: "He really wants to meet the Queen".

Boris Johnson - who once said he would not go to NY because of the "real risk of meeting Donald Trump" - hailed the "fantastic" news.

What type of visit is this? . For a state visit, the Queen would act as the host.

While protesters are gearing up to oppose the visit, The Telegraph reports that Mr Trump could dodge potentially embarrassing rallies in London by instead spending time at Mrs May's Chequers country residence. A petition to boycott Trump from making an official state visit garnered 1.5 million-plus signatures.

Trump can meet the Queen either at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, BBC North America editor Jon Sopel said. Many were quick to either slam or praise Johnson, as news of the American president's travel plans continues to divide the public.

What do people think of the visit? .

London is calling - and may be screaming when President Trump arrives.

The US President will travel to the United Kingdom on July 13 - with the long-awaited and controversial trip is expected to be a "working visit" rather than a full-blown state occasion.

There is also speculation Mr Trump could seek to fit in a quick visit to the Turnberry golf course, which his family business owns.

"He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear". Last November Bercow said that addressing the Commons was "an earned honour and in my view he [Trump] has not earned that honour".

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