Cardinals specific draft spot makes a trade up harder

Josh Rosen

Cardinals specific draft spot makes a trade up harder

The Arizona Cardinals had to wait a while and had to exercise a lot of patience, but they finally got their franchise quarterback, trading up to No. 10 overall to snag Josh Rosen, the UCLA star who fell further than expected.

His command of the room. As the draft drew near, controversial comments from his former UCLA head coach Jim Mora shined an even more negative spotlight on a quarterback many has ranked as the No. 1 or 2 quarterback in the draft. "After say, four or five went through, I thought I was going to have to fake a smile and pretend I was happy".

Those that are, however, work at it.

"With many top-notch defenders on the board, the Raiders instead take an athletic but inconsistent tackle in Miller", Reuter wrote.

"It's a process. It takes time and effort. Sorry to say that", Rosen said. "And oh, by the way, they have a license to assault you".

"It's messy, it's sloppy", Rosen continued.

"Maybe if I shut up these last three years, I could've been picked higher, but I don't want that. I want to make it to cool to be a good person and to talk and have conversations about everything, whether it be politics, whether it be anything".

All had a different leadership style; some more vocal, others a bit quieter in getting their message across.

"This is an unbelievable team that I think is really, really primed and set to do some incredible things in the future", Rosen said, "and I think I just, very simply, lucked out". You should embrace it - and him - as the new face of your team. "I was really, really angry". Rosen is the prototypical quarterback at 6-4 226-pounds, hailing from an offense that forced him to make National Football League type reads. which he did so excellently. "That's kind of what gets to me". I'm going to compete my butt off every single day, but then again, I'm not going to be the guy that comes in and thinks he's the man from Day 1.

The quarterback also added that the nine guys taken ahead of him - all pretty quality players - were all "mistakes".

Carson Palmer retired, meaning the No. 3 was now available. Cardinals offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said he doesn't have a problem with Rosen's personality.

For a player that endured a season ending shoulder injury two seasons ago (because three Sun Devils drove him into the ground, not because he has chronic injuries) and two concussions (due to lack of blocking), he seemed to show a lot of dedication to the game and his Bruins, especially when he bled from the mouth during a late season previous year. It's an honor to wear his jersey.

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