Cardi B Sets New First-Week Streaming Record on Apple Music

Cardi is the most searched artist in every single state

Cardi is the most searched artist in every single

That's why it's not very surprising that Denzel Washington, one of the greatest actors of our time, is also a fan of Cardi B. Cardi can add one major Oscar victor to her fan club - Denzel Washington.

Both Johnny and Ariana are Cardi B superfans, so it's only appropriate their first installment focuses on all of the incredible fashion moments the reality star turned rapper has served up during her rise to the top. The dude is 63 years old, which, admittedly, might be beyond the target age range of "Bodak Yellow", but Denzel's "I know what the kids are up to" attitude is very cool. In an interview with The Root (watch the video above), Washington delivered some rhymes from the aforementioned song, much to the amazement of the interviewer.

"With FashionNova, they gave me the opportunity to design what I like and what I want to put out, and I'm gonna put out a line with them, a little something-something... And a new whip", he raps. "I wish we could've had two hours", Fallon told us.

"No, just do what your heart feel like doing, you wanna know something, just do what your heart feels like is right..." She said she's taken the advice, and is staying true to herself. "Keep it real for real".

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