Billy 'King Of Donkey Kong' Mitchell Caught Cheating, Loses All High Scores

Billy 'King Of Donkey Kong' Mitchell Caught Cheating, Loses All High Scores

Billy 'King Of Donkey Kong' Mitchell Caught Cheating, Loses All High Scores

At the time the high score was held by Mitchell, hot-sauce mogul and terrible-tie-wearer; Wiebe beat Mitchell's high score, but Mitchell contested it because it was taped, before submitting his own tape where he was the first to score over a million on the game.

One beneficiary of Mitchell's expulsion from Twin Galaxies is fellow "King of Kong" star Steve Wiebe, who will now officially be recognized as the first person to achieve a score of 1,000,000 points on Donkey Kong. Wiebe went on to achieve a score of 1,049,100 points in his garage at home. "This dispute is ACCEPTED".

"From a Twin Galaxies viewpoint, the only important thing to know is whether or not the score performances are from an unmodified original DK arcade PCB as per the competitive rules", the organization stated. Twin Galaxies wasn't able to make a definitive determination on a third, 1.06 million point score Mitchell claimed to have at Florida's Boomers arcade in 2010. "The use of MAME or any other emulation software for submission to these leaderboards is strictly forbidden".

Twin Galaxies also banned Mitchell from taking part in future competitions as part of its ruling, and said it submitted its findings to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The current Donkey Kong high score record holder is Robbie Lakeman, whose score of 1,247,700 was verified in March 2018. Any scores obtained on emulation software are not eligible for Twin Galaxies' leaderboards.

While Twin Galaxies does accept scores created on MAME, they are tracked in a different category from those created on authentic arcade hardware due to timing and control differences. "We now believe that they are not from an original unmodified DK arcade PCB, and so our investigation of the tape content ends with that conclusion and assertion". A keen-eyed gamer named Jeremey Young noticed that Mitchell's recordings of breaking the record revealed that he was not playing on the original arcade console, which is a requirement for Twin Galaxies and Guinness.

Twin Galaxies did give Mitchell opportunities to answer questions during the dispute, but he did not choose to do so. The management says these moves to purge high-profile scores from its database highlight a new focus on "scoreboard integrity", which it seeks to improve "no matter how painful or public it might occasionally be".

Twin Galaxies' recent efforts to build a dispute system for the objective of allowing scores to be questioned in a centralized and documented manner have enabled all of the available evidence regarding Billy Mitchell's score performances to finally, after many years, be concentrated, examined and discussed by non-anonymous members of the gaming community and Twin Galaxies administration. As we all have learned, this can not occur overnight and must be a step-by-step process. It's like seeing the "Game Over" screen and realizing you've run out of quarters.

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