What besides Mario will we see in the March Nintendo Direct?

Neo Atlas 1469 Sails Westward on Nintendo Switch This April

Neo Atlas 1469 Headed to the West on Nintendo Switch

We can't wait for them to come out next month, but there's another game on our minds today... Even when we got our early January Nintendo Direct out of the way, fans were pretty confident that the "mini" nature of it would mean another would be due in weeks.

This is probably a longshot for the March 8 Nintendo Direct, but we can't help but put this on our wishlist. The Switch's first-year lineup was stacked with Zelda, Mario and more, so perhaps the company is waiting for 2018 to announce Smash for Switch.

Nintendo will be gracing the ears of ardent fans, strident naysayers, and patient observers for the continuation of their year two content update drippings. This will air tomorrow on March 8, 2018 at 2 p.m. PST.

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To see what Nintendo officially has planned, tune in tomorrow at 2:00 pm PT on the official Nintendo Direct website.

The Nintendo Switch is a big success and a portable console and it is only a little more expensive than a brand new Nintendo 3DS.

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