Trump says maybe US will have a president for life someday

Trump says maybe US will have a president for life someday

Trump says maybe US will have a president for life someday

"President for life. And he's great", Trump told Republican backers gathered Saturday at the president's Mar-a-Lago estate, CNN said, citing a recording of his remarks.

The emphasis in China's economy has been changed from the previous era of high-speed growth to one of high-quality growth, with great changes taking place in the economy, such as upgrading of the people's consumption patterns, Xi said. Following the comment, White House denied issuing any statement on President's remark.

The meeting is also expected to approve a constitutional amendment to eliminate the presidential two term limit, allowing Xi Jinping to serve beyond the 10-year maximum.

Passage of the proposed constitutional amendment by the congress' almost 3000 handpicked delegates is all but certain. The move has shocked and anxious many at home and overseas.

With the scrapping of the limits, Xi will be able to assume the reins of government even from 2023 onward, the year when his second term as president is set to end.

US President Donald Trump has threatened the European Union with imposing tariffs on vehicle imports, increase tariffs against US companies.

China's response to Donald Trump's 25 per cent tarriff on imported steel has been muted, so far.

India has opposed the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor connecting China's Xinjiang with Gwadar as it passes through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

China's commerce and foreign ministries have publicly criticised the decision, and the Commerce Ministry raised the possibility on Friday that China might retaliate. State Councilor Yang Jiechi, China's top diplomat, also visited Washington in early February.

Those direct effects could be limited.

Trump ratcheted up the rhetoric on Saturday, threatening a tax on cars from the European Union if it takes retaliatory measures. Still, the Trump administration has branded China a "revisionist" power and describes the country's efforts to alter worldwide norms as a threat to US security.

Some US allies, like Canada and Australia, had hoped to be spared the tariffs.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Saturday that the recent USA decision has "no basis", according to local media. "They make it impossible for our cars (and more) to sell there".

In addition, Donald Trab expressed his dislike for the trade deficit, attributing it to our "very dumb deals and trade policies". "Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday", Trump said as supporters cheered and applauded. "They laugh at how stupid our leaders were. No more!" he added.

Trump, a successful businessman before his presidency, shrugged off the threats, saying that "trade wars are good, and easy to win". Reforms should focus on "international rules that have fallen behind the times and no longer align with the shared aspirations of all nations".

The report also warned Taiwan that China "will never tolerate any separatist schemes" amid tensions between the mainland and the self-ruled island.

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