'Terribly Sorry' Martin Shkreli Sentenced to Seven Years

'Terribly Sorry' Martin Shkreli Sentenced to Seven Years

'Terribly Sorry' Martin Shkreli Sentenced to Seven Years

The judge said that Shkreli's own emails call into question his claims of remorse, and mentioned the time that he wrote "Fuck the feds" while also bragging that he wouldn't serve any real time in prison.

Another supporter said Shkreli's soft side was demonstrated when he adopted a cat from a shelter - named Trashy - that became a fixture on his live streams. "He can't just be an average person who fails, like the rest of us".

In the two years since Federal Bureau of Investigation agents ushered him from his Manhattan apartment, Shkreli has gone from a rising star in the hedge fund world to Wall Street bad boy. During the trial, his defense team had argued that many of his investors made hefty profits anyway.

Earlier this week, the judge ruled that Shkreli would have to forfeit more than $7.3 million in assets, including the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin LP that he had purchased for a price in the $2 million range.

A judge wiped that shit-eating grin right off Martin Shkreli's face.

Shkreli stoked his notoriety by stonewalling federal lawmakers at a hearing and later tweeting they were "imbeciles".

Is "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli (SHKREL'-ee) a manipulator who conned wealthy investors or a misunderstood eccentric who made those same investors even wealthier?

The time Shkreli spent in prison will be credited to his seven-year sentence.

Kasulis said Brafman was trying to portray Shkreli as "a child".

Shkreli has been sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $US75,000.

"There one person to blame for me being here today is me", a teary Shkreli told a judge during his sentencing. "I remember that before the age of 6, he could quickly recall square roots, multiplication tables, the Periodic Table of Elements and do long division", she said. After his conviction, Matsumoto revoked his $5 million bailed after he offered his Facebook followers money to grab a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair.

Shkreli's fraud predated the price gouging controversy and this trial would have gone largely unnoticed but for his status as an global pariah.

Brafman had argued for a lenient sentence, saying: "He should not be sentenced exclusively for being Martin Shkreli, with all the baggage he brings to the table".

The severe prison term capped the dramatic fall of the 34-year-old biotech entrepreneur-turned-international villain who first gained infamy for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug for AIDS patients.

Prosecutors also pointed to Shkreli's unusual conduct inside and outside the courtroom.

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