N. Korea issues warning over USA military provocations

North used chemical weapons US

N. Korea issues warning over USA military provocations

Regarding President Trump's warning of a "phase two" if new USA sanctions against the North did not work, North Korea condemned the remark as "dangerous" and as destroying recent positive developments on the peninsula, driving conditions toward extreme confrontation.

Report Accuses North Korea Of Fueling Syria's Chemical Weapons Program A leaked United Nations report gives details on the arms North Korea has sold to Syria, despite sanctions.

North Korea has reiterated that it is willing to talk to the USA but said it would not accept preconditions.

The statements come after the United States announced on February 23 that it was imposing its largest package of sanctions on Pyongyang, in an effort to pressure it to give up its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

South Korea plans to send a special envoy to North Korea in response to an invitation from leader Kim Jong Un, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told President Trump in a phone call on Thursday.

North Korea is formally known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Why is the USA the country that believes they have the authority to determine which countries may possess nuclear weapons?

The country, which had tested three intercontinental ballistic missiles past year, is now under heavy economic sanctions imposed by the USA and the United Nations (UN).

North Korea, however, said in a statement Sunday that it considers "any type of blockade an act of war against us".

Washington on Friday said the North Korean government had used chemical weapons in violation of global laws in a notice posted on the USA government's Federal Register.

The "tabletop exercise", held over a few days in Hawaii, thrashed out the challenges that could hamper a United States assault on North Korea's sizeable military.

Several US officials have downplayed previous suggestions that the administration is considering the use of a so-called "bloody-nose strike" - a military option that would be significant enough to force North Korea to question its nuclear ambitions but limited in scale as to avoid retaliation.

North Korea's November ICBM "has not yet shown to be a capable threat against us right now", Mattis said at the time.

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