Bag of 54 severed human hands found in Russian Federation

Macabre bag containing 27 pairs of human hands found in bag on Amur River island

Bag of 54 severed human hands found in Russian Federation

A local found one of the hands lying on the shore of a river, leading officers to a bag with the other hands inside. But with little detail about the medical process behind the severed hands, the discovery is still causing suspicion.

The hand which wasn't in the bag was found on a snow-covered island in the Amur River, which is about 18 miles downstream from the Russian frontier with China, reports Daily Mirror. Photos of the scene show the hands spilled out into a single pile, and then organised into 27 matching pairs and placed in rows.

A decision will then be made on whether to prosecute the forensic service for failing to guard its gruesome collection of severed hands.

The shocking find was made close to the city of Khabarovsk in Siberia, close to the border with China. The severed hands got into the river, since they were not "disposed" in the manner prescribed by law.

There's only one thing worse than discovering a severed hand while strolling along a Siberian riverbank: Finding 54 severed hands. No information was given about the age of the hands or when they may have been discarded, but the images suggest they are reasonably fresh.

An aerial shot of the island where the bag was found. So there is nothing criminal in the fact that hands were cut off from dead bodies for the goal of taking fingerprints?'

Another, more lurid theory is that the hands were axed off as a punishment for theft. The Investigative Committee of The Russian Federation declared in a statement on the Telegram messaging app that the hands came from a forensics lab in the Russian city of Khabarovsk. "[Our] investigators will work to establish all the circumstances of the incident".

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