Alexa Outage Brings Super Bowl Commercial to Life, Nearly

Alexa Outage Brings Super Bowl Commercial to Life, Nearly

Alexa Outage Brings Super Bowl Commercial to Life, Nearly

While some Alexa services are still functioning through the phone app, users have been unable to use voice commands to access information or services.

Down Detector reported a huge spike in the number of people reporting problems with the digital assistant, the brain in some of Amazon's connected home products like the Echo smart speaker, starting at 9:39 am ET. Alexa can already translate in several different languages, such as Spanish, German, French, and Italian, but the goal here is to turn the multilingual assistant into a real-time translator that can help in nearly any situation. One possible way of doing this is by having Alexa translate language in a more sophisticated manner.

"Help! Why is my Alexa not working?" "Alexa, what do I say to the father of the bride at a wedding in Japan?"

Alexa would have an understanding of the Japanese culture, which is generally more formal and conservative than American culture and would incorporate its knowledge into translations. If Amazon is able to bring that to Alexa, its translation feature may become more useful in real-time moments, as pointed out by Mashable. The Pixel Buds' real-time translation feature received mixed reviews.

If you're wondering why Amazon's digital assistant Alexa has gone quiet today, it's because the platform that powers Alexa is experiencing an outage.

The source of the issue is unclear, but it seems to be widespread, wth ongoing issues in much of the U.S, according to the, a website that measures outages. All good stuff, though one potentially game-changing skill that is coming to Alexa is real-time language translation.

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