USA mother abandons newborn after giving birth in airport bathroom

The baby was left at Tuscon International Airport in a bathroom in mid January

The baby was left at Tuscon International Airport in a bathroom in mid January

The baby was left on a changing table in one of the airport's changing rooms with a note reading, "Please help me. Im sorry", the note read.

The youngster was in great condition, authorities said. "Please get me to the authorities so they can find a good home".

In a shocking incident, officials of the Tuscon International Airport, Arizona, have released a video that shows a mother taking her newborn infant to the restroom before abandoning him there.

Another custodian said they found bloody clothes at the bottom of a trash can, while a Delta Airlines employee told cops she noticed a woman "acting out of place sitting in the chairs next to Delta baggage claim". The infant has now been handed over to the Arizona Department of Child Safety, the Washington Post quoted the airport police as saying.

Over the last 20 years U.S. states have introduced safe-haven laws allowing newborn babies to be left at designated areas such as hospitals and firehouses, to prevent the precarious practice of dumping unwanted infants on doorsteps or under bushes. The first part of the note appeared to be written from the newborn's perspective.

TAAPD has exhausted all its own resources and those of the local law enforcement community as well and is not actively looking for the woman, a spokeswoman for airport police told

However, those designated sites are usually fire stations and hospitals and none are airport bathrooms.

It's believed she may have been attempting to take advantage of the safe haven law, which allows babies to be abandoned at designated sites across the US.

"We hear stories where a baby is abandoned, or a mother who has had a baby doesn't know what to do, doesn't know who to turn to. There is a lot of fear", said Kimberly Marshall, a nurse practitioner and co-founder of the Arizona Safe Baby Haven Foundation.

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