Taliban deputy leader Mehsud killed in USA drone strike

Taliban deputy leader Mehsud killed in USA drone strike

Taliban deputy leader Mehsud killed in USA drone strike

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Mondayconfirmed that the group's deputy chief Khalid Mehsud alias "Commander Sajna" was killed in a U.S. drone strike on February 8 in Pakistan's restive northwestern tribal region.

Wali, according to Reuters, will now train militants in South Waziristan, a rugged mountainous region on the Afghan border which has always been home to Pakistani, Afghan, and al Qaeda-linked foreign militants.

The military funds for Pakistan, however, include a condition which requires Islamabad to a decisive action against the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups to receive the assistance.

His influence can be seen from how he defied Mullah Fazlullah - who officially became the third TTP leader after Hakimullah's death in a drone strike in 2014.

Mehsud was a commander in the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, or TTP, the Taliban's main faction.

Pakistani Taliban confirmed on Monday that its senior commander was killed in a U.S. drone strike in the country's North Waziristan tribal region last week and said they had appointed a new deputy to take his place. He added that a commander called Mufti Noor Wali Wali was appointed by the Taliban chief to succeed Sanja.

Helmand is one of Afghanistan´s most violent provinces, and also a major source of opium, the narcotic used to make heroin.

A pair of suspected United States missile strikes killed the militant leader, Khalid Mehsud, also known by his alias Sajna, on Thursday last week in Afghanistan's Paktika province, near the border with Pakistan, Pakistani security officials said.

The border region is off limits to journalists and verifying information independently is hard.

Mehsud has kept militant attacks going not only against military targets in South Waziristan but also at times deeper inside Pakistani territory.

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