President Trump And Australian Prime Minister

Trump Turnbull discuss ways to expand ties with India Japan

President Trump And Australian Prime Minister

President Trump and the prime minister both renewed their commitment as strong allies in an effort to put their somewhat rocky start behind them.

Australian and USA reporters in the White House press briefing room were taken to a basement while Secret Service and other authorities investigated the incident on Friday (early Saturday AEDT).

Minutes later, the leaders walked down the White House's colonnade together, deep in conversation, as their wives had a lively conversation just behind them.

"An individual driving a passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House", the Secret Service announced on Twitter.

But this time, in what has been described as the highest recognition by any president since John Howard's 2006 visit, the Turnbulls will receive a ceremonial welcome at the White House.

"The female driver of the vehicle was immediately apprehended by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers".

The prime minister, who left Sydney on Wednesday afternoon, has lined up a series of high-level meetings with top U.S. officials, as well as a visit to the White House with President Donald Trump.

During his time in Washington, his deputy prime minister resigned after successive scandals over sexual harassment, his citizenship and a threat to euthanize dogs belonging to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp.

"This is really a very personal matter for Barnaby". You have an amendment to your Constitution that deals with gun ownership.

The Prime Minister flew to Washington, DC, overnight to begin a four-day visit focused on strengthening economic ties between Australia and the US.

"Barnaby made his own decision to take leave to reflect on the circumstances and deal with personal matters". We maintain them. They're there, they're well known. The prime minister predicted 100 more years of friendship to come.

Asked about a joint regional infrastructure scheme being developed by Australia, the US, India and Japan as an alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative, Turnbull said the media always looks for cold war-style rivalry but "that's not the way we see the region", the Guardian reported. The White House had not yet provided a formal statement on their discussions that would provide insight their conversation on the refugees as of close of business.

Eventually Trump said the United States" relationship with its Five Eyes ally is "probably stronger now than ever before' as he affirmed the two countries' economic and security cooperation.

Before he and Turnbull met, Trump said that he expected "a lot of good things" would come from the session.

In a joint press conference in the East Room, Trump welcomed Turnbull, calling him a "friend" and thanking him for the "prayers and support of our Australian friends - and friends they are" in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Florida.

Trump also said he hoped to follow Australia with its tough "merit-based" immigration policies and announced the USA would name a new combat ship the USS Canberra.

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