Presence, not presents, for Valentine's Day

Presence, not presents, for Valentine's Day

Presence, not presents, for Valentine's Day

For some, the day is just another day and they couldn't be bothered with making plans, buying flowers (cliché) or heart-shaped cards; they don't need a day marked on the calendar to prove they love someone.

But maybe Valentine's Day is not about just romantic love.

Meanwhile, New York consumers prefer roses as their number one Valentine's Day gift, followed by sunglasses, teddy bears, chocolate and chocolate diamond rings. For the person whose idea of a big spoon is one with a giant scoop of peanut butter on it.

What you don't expect, is for your boyfriend of a few years, to ask you to sit down, look you in the eyes, and tell you he wants to break up with you. People who are in one-sided love also exchange the cards on this day.

Lots of chick flicks, pizza and drinks are on the table for this wonderful day when we celebrate the beauty of ourselves and of each other.

32%: Percentage of American adults surveyed by online statistics firm Statista in 2017 who said they would probably have sex on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day my love! The big gestures are nearly more for me than they are for my significant other.

Another enticing reason as to why it's not so bad being single when February 14 comes along, is that the day will be completely stress free. I have known persons, whose lovers abandoned them, and the extreme emotional pain and stress, led to actual insanity.

My wife has waited long years for me to get many things right - and I'm still a work in progress. Before this time it was merely a day to celebrate St. Valentine.

Mahika Sharma: I think we all say that every day we celebrate love.

Whenever you want something, pray for it and it will be given to you. Can't get much less romantic than a TV set in your bedroom, can you? You can send these Valentine's Day messages and greetings to your loved ones and friends and ensure that they have a healthy laugh.

Talking about personalised gifts, Vidhya, who studies in a private college, says, "I love hand-made, handwritten gifts and this is what I am going to gift my valentine this year".

On 14th February for years to come, I will never be thinking of that guy that chose someone else over me, the one that cheated or the one who taught me what ghosting is, and either should you. So, go volunteer at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen and spread the love, because what you give is what you get.

If there is one thing I've learned from being single most of my life is that you will have many lovers, flings and we-talked-for-months-and-almost-dated-but-she-wasn't-looking-for-something-serious situations.

The data suggests that we are getting ahead of the curve when buying gifts.

"In your light, I learn how to love".

According to multiple sites, Valentine's Day is believed to have originated at The Feast of Lupercalia - an annual fertility festival which took place in ancient Rome.

Thank you for letting me love you and for loving me in return.

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