Nancy Pelosi's marathon speech sets record for longest in House history

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Nancy Pelosi's marathon speech sets record for longest in House history

"Meanwhile, in the Senate, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is celebrating the deal, calling it "'the best thing we've done' for the middle class and the economy", according to the Associated Press, and noting, "We have reached the budget deal that neither side loves but both sides can be proud of". Many who did quickly labeled it a pointless, head-scratching episode.

Asked about the debt ceiling parameters, the Senate's No. 2 Republican, Sen.

But House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi found a loophole in the House rules whereby party leaders - and party leaders only - when recognized can speak for as long as they want.

The underlying bill includes huge spending increases sought by Republicans for the Pentagon along with a big boost demanded by Democrats for domestic agencies. Democrats intensified their efforts to communicate they would hold firm in an effort to pressure Republicans to offer a commitment for a floor vote on immigration.

But once she put out a call for fellow Democrats to send her names and personal accounts, "the stories kept coming and coming and coming, and fresher and fresher and fresher", Pelosi told me.

Capitol Hill. What comes in the next weeks to come? Trump did not tweet and aides did not try to assign blame. In his attempt to sway Paul to relent, Sen. This time it was a Republican's turn to throw a wrench in the works. But Paul, the resident contrarian, repelled suggestions to stand aside.

"I didn't come up here to be part of somebody's club. It is as simple as that", said Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a longtime Democratic advocate of immigration reform.

As the clock hit midnight, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney immediately implemented plans to close non-essential government operations, said spokesman John Czwartacki. Something will have to give if Ryan is going to get the bill across the finish line.

The agreement would increase the government's borrowing limit to prevent a first-ever default on US obligations that looms in just a few weeks.

"There is a point where you have to think is this a party that's incapable of agreeing to something even when it's three times what they wanted?"

Additionally, Pelosi met last month with evangelical leaders who serve as advisers to the Trump administration, such as Rodriguez and Bishop Harry Jackson, to discuss dreamers. And some Democrats, despite winning a number of key concessions in the agreement, are frustrated because it does not include a replacement for the soon-to-expire Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects almost 700,000 unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the United States as children from deportation. "By leaving this vital issue unresolved, this package leaves DREAMers isolated, without a path to resolution in the House". As Pelosi has demonstrated her effectiveness in combatting Trump during the year, calls for her to step down have grown quieter. But many Democrats back the measure without that assurance. Ryan needs Democrats' help to pass the spending bill because his conservative wing, including the Freedom Caucus, is balking.

She was making use of a special House privilege afforded to party leaders known as the "magic minute". Protection for the Dreamers under former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, expires next month.

Republicans, too, had their disappointments. After all, numerous same members fuming about the current spending deal voted in December for a tax reform package estimated to raise the deficit by more than $1.5 trillion.

While laughing, Pelosi announced that she'd broken a record and said she wondered what the last record-breaking speech was about. The increase would be divided nearly equally - $165 billion for military spending and $131 billion for domestic program spending.

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