KFC closes hundreds of United Kingdom stores after huge chicken shortages

Fried chicken fans have been left fuming after they struggle to get hold of their chicken

Fried chicken fans have been left fuming after they struggle to get hold of their chicken

Meanwhile, the fast food chain says just 430 of its almost 900 restaurants are open as normal.

Police in the United Kingdom have had to remind the public that KFC running out of chicken does not constitute an emergency.

KFC has promised that "the Colonel is working on it" - but there is no indication of when the stores will reopen.

Consumers of KFC appear to be going through serious withdrawals, with a number of police departments urging customers to stop calling them over the chicken supply crisis.

More than two thirds of KFC restaurants across the United Kingdom have closed up indefinitely following "teething problems" with a new supplier.

The fast food chain have recently begun a new contract with DHL to deliver chicken to their restaurants, but there have apparently been "teething problems".

KFC has set up a webpage for United Kingdom customers to find out the latest updates regarding their nearest outlets.

The crisis has prompted a widespread consumer backlash against KFC. In a tweet, on Monday, KFC gave an update.

It wasn't finger-lickin' good at this KFC restaurant in Britain.

A closed sign outside a KFC restaurant near Ashford, Kent, as the fast food outlet has been forced to close a raft of stores after a new delivery contract with DHL resulted in chicken shortages across the country.

Meanwhile, KFC executives from the U.S. are flying in for "crisis talks" with United Kingdom bosses about the chain's chicken shortage.

"Bidvest are specialists - a food distribution firm with years of experience; DHL are scratching around for any work they can get to undercut them", he said.

Hundreds of KFC branches have been closed across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Furthermore, the majority of restaurants are run as franchises, owners will need to dig deep in order to weather the storm also begging the question as to how to deal with staff.

Rugby is some 370 miles from Elgin and 250 miles from Penzance.

More KFC outlets have reopened amid disruption caused by delivery problems. A spokeswoman added: "To be clear, nothing will leave for delivery or be served at our restaurants that doesn't meet our incredibly high standards".

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