How to use Android's new screenshot tool

How to use Android's new screenshot tool

How to use Android's new screenshot tool

Google Pay may be functionally similar to its predecessor, but the decision to combine multiple services and products into a single app is a welcome change for Android users. On Tuesday, the rollout of the official Google Pay app finally began, simplifying the process of completing payments on an Android device while cleaning up the interface and making transactions more secure.

Android Pay fans can rest assured as they will get all of their bank's perks and protections with an additional layer of security because Google Pay doesn't share the actual card number when paying in stores.

The new app in available in the Google Play store. It's where you'll store your credit and debit cards, loyalty programs, offers, and even that stack of gift cards from last year's birthday.

And again, this only works within the Google App, so if you are in Chrome, you won't see these tools.

"If you live in the USA or the United Kingdom, you'll be able to use it to send and request money within the next few months", Google wrote in the blog. Unfortunately, support for transit passes is limited to just Kiev, London, and Portland for now, but Google promises that more cities will come online shortly. It's called Google Pay and replaces Android Pay, a previous solution that let Android users buy goods with their smartphones.

But the feature is not here yet; Google Pay merely lays the foundation. For the time being, you'll need to keep using the separate app to make and request transfers between individuals. It also constitutes the service formerly known as Pay With Google, which is an API that allows merchants to offer a simpler way for online shoppers to enter their payment details at the checkout.

It's also Google's answer to Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash.

The new name makes a lot more sense, especially as it also integrates the old Google Wallet functionality, but apart from that, a "fresh of coat of paint", and a pretty aggressive marketing campaign, very little seems to have changed.

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