Glass building at Apple headquarters causing headaches for employees

Glass building at Apple headquarters causing headaches for employees

Glass building at Apple headquarters causing headaches for employees

Bloomberg reports that some employees who might not have been paying 100% attention to where they are walking have accidentally walked into the clear glass internal walls of the pods that make up Apple Park. Both resulted in minor cuts but did not appear to require hospitalization, the records showed. There's been one hiccup since it opened previous year: Apple employees keep smacking into the glass.

A sense of openness and clarity is key to the building's much-hyped design, with glass being one of the structure's main materials.

"While it is a technical marvel to make glass at this scale, that's not the achievement", Jony Ive told Wired after the opening previous year. And not one of the good ones, one of the ones with Joe Besser.

For all the ideal curves and polished surfaces at the Cupertino headquarters, however, it would appear the campus is not without its flaws.

The entire thing seems absolutely ridiculous until you think about the obsessive, nearly sick attention to detail that went into this place.

Each of those 3,000 giant glass panes are 49 feet by 10.5 feet. It features the world's biggest curved panes of glass.

Foster and Ive worked together and planned the construction.

Every inch of this $5-billion building was carefully planned, every surface painstakingly manufactured and positioned to perfection.

With multiple challenges and an obsession for perfection, it was inevitable to have multiple delays.

Reuters said Apple and the contractors had constant conflicts on the construction specs of the building.

An amusing tidbit this morning highlights a potential flaw in Apple Park's all-glass design. Apple employees apparently keep smacking into the glass.

Apple saw the markers as a nuisance. But they were removed as they disrupted the building's design symmetry, people familiar with the incidents said.

The iPhone maker opened Apple Park to employees in April 2017.

The sticky notes were a temporary solution.

Apple certainly won't be the first company to figure out that sometimes you have to tone down the aesthetic to save on trips to the emergency room. After all, Apple has already been sued by a customer who walked into the glass of an Apple store in 2011.

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