3 added Macs besides House-made Apple Chips to dispatch purportedly

You can't see it but the iMac Pro has a co-processor that authenticates macOS before booting

You can't see it but the iMac Pro has a co-processor that authenticates macOS before booting

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is working on three updated Mac models with custom co-processors that could launch as soon as this year.

A new Bloomberg article is reporting that Apple plans to expand the number of Macs using its own co-processor chips this year, a move that could foretell a future where Intel is no longer inside Apple's computers.

These co-processors are, like those before them, likely to be ARM-based chips that carry out specific functions for Mac computers. The new Macs, however, which will include laptops and a desktop model, will feature a new series of custom-made co-processors.

Apple added its second-generation custom processor, the T2, to its iMac Pro previous year. Abandoning its on-again off-again relationship with Intel would starve the chip maker of its fifth-largest client, according to Bloomberg.

Simply put, Apple would have plenty of reasons to work toward putting its own, custom-made chips in each and every one of its devices.

Now Apple is apparently taking back more control so it doesn't have to rely on other companies like Qualcomm and Intel. Meanwhile, the T2 co-processor in the iMac Pro assists with power management and hardware-level security.

The report also points out the new Macs will have processors from the company. Not only does having their own chips and processors make their products more unique, but it ultimately provides an overall better experience for the user.

While the report doesn't specify which models will be updated, one expects at least one of them to be the MacBook Air as it has not seen a meaningful update since March 2015.

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