Ventura County flu deaths rise again; public health officials urge vaccination

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Image Could you be suffering from the flu

In Saskatchewan, three people have died from the flu this season. The previous week there were seven reported deaths.

Janet Hill, of the Rock Island County Health Department said that in IL, flu cases don't have to be reported to health departments, unless someone is in intensive care because of the flu.

The flu is raging across Oregon, and two children have already died in the last month, according to the Oregon Health Authority. "Sometimes they have underlying medical conditions and they don't tend to go to a hospital or a doctor in a timely fashion".

You may have heard that the flu that's doing the most damage this year is an H3N2 strain, and that it is less vulnerable to the vaccine.

BORDERS MSP Christine Grahame is urging locals to take up the offer of a free flu vaccination.

Werker, Deputy Chief Medical Health Officer, says the flu can take very many forms during the flu season.

Though Chen says this year's flu shot is weaker than in years past, but says that shouldn't mean a person doesn't get it. This had been predicted but it's more virulent and the flu vaccine gives you some protection but not always complete protection. Triad hospitals are dealing with a surge of sick patients.

We know you've been busy with the holidays, spending time in airports and on road trips to see family and friends. More than 11,000 people have developed the flu this season as of January 6 and about a third of those people have been hospitalized.

Reports of "widespread" flu activity in Iowa got confirmation from one national pharmacy chain's latest "Flu Index".

The Houston Independent School District said its nurses have reported 421 students with flu-like symptoms since the beginning of the school year, but only 118 have been confirmed flu cases. Texas is one of 26 states reporting high flu activity, said the CDC.

"Influenza vaccine is still available and people can still get immunized".

He said it's impossible to predict how each flu season will pan out.

Flu vaccines are covered by most insurance plans. After consultation and request from healthcare and public health partners, ADHS is advising ill people to only seek emergency medical care if they are at high risk for serious complications or are experiencing severe symptoms.

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