This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

LG alpha 9 CES 2018 LG TVs Get Smarter With AI

This 65-inch OLED TV rolls up like a giant newspaper

LG's work robots: coming to hotels and supermarkets near you? All of LG's products in 2018 will have Wi-Fi and would be IoT ready.

LG has not confirmed any potential release and we can not say what the price tag it will get.

LG Display says this design would allow the TV to be easily moved, but you wouldn't really need to because it rolls up pretty much out of your way. This way, the products use Assistant's voice recognition capabilities but are able to communicate with other LG products through ThinQ AI.

The CES show floor might be filled with hundreds of TVs that put your local electronics store to shame, but the real treasures of the show, the TVs packed with technology we'll have to wait for years to buy, are hidden in back rooms away from greasy fingers.

The company's plans for the "smart connected lifestyle" revolve around appliances and devices controlled by Amazon and Google's Alexa and Assistant digital helpers, and a series of futuristic concept robots created to lighten the load in airports and hotels. "2018 will be the tipping point for the smart home", said VanderWaal. It also got a UHD resolution.

LG Display has also developed the world's first 88-inch 8K OLED display and upgraded the audio complexity of Crystal Sound OLED displays from the current 2.1 channel sound to 3.1 channel sound. The new OLED G8 in particular is extremely thin, as shown in some of the images in the gallery below. Also, with a 21:9 aspect ratio, the display is also just right for watching widescreen movies. This will offer LG plenty time to make a market for supple OLED displays. Speaking of HDR, the 2018 line will support the full gamut of standards, from HDR10, HLG to Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR, HLG Pro and HDR Pro. LG officially unveiled its new TV tech for this year back on January 2nd, detailing that its new TVs would be coming with a new processor inside to power all the functionality, called Alpha, which is created to offer a range of improvements over the older processor used in previous TVs.

Disclosure: Intel sponsored the correspondent's flights and hotel for the trip to CES, Las Vegas.

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