Teacher is handcuffed by officer at school board meeting

Middle School Teacher Handcuffed Arrested at School Board Meeting

Abbeville Police Dept

A Louisiana teacher was forcibly removed from a school board meeting and arrested after saying that pay raises for leadership on the board was a "slap in the face" to all teachers. According to KATC, at least one school board member ruled her "out of order" at one point during the discussion. Shortly after being escorted out of the meeting, Hargrave was handcuffed by an Abbeville city marshal.

During a school board meeting on Monday, Deyshia Hargrave brought up the issue of teacher salary and a raise that was included in a new contract for the superintendent, according members of the Vermilion Parish School Board.

'We work very hard with very little to maintain the salaries we have. She is heard reacting: "I am not - you just pushed me to the floor".

The Abbeville town marshal's office, which made the arrest, the superintendent's office and the school board president all declined further comment on the incident.

Puyau told KATC that the district will not press charges against Hargrave.

A video obtained by KATC shows Hargrave calmly addressing the board when she is confronted by an officer, who forces her to leave the room. The cooperation of the school system would not be required to arrest her on either of those charges; the officer could arrest her on his complaint. After being called on a second time, a city marshal stepped in.

An Abbeville city marshal cut her off and directed her out of the room, despite protest from those in the crowd.

"When she realized she had to get out, she picked up her purse and walked out", LeBeouf said. The Abbeville Police Department did not arrest the teacher.

"I do believe in the First Amendment, and everyone should be able to go to a school board meeting and express how they feel", she said.

The Louisiana Association of Educators posted a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon noting that Hargrave is a member and has spoken to the organization's attorney.

As an organization that advocates for the dedicated school employees of Louisiana, we firmly denounce the mistreatment of Ms. Hargrave, a loving parent and dedicated teacher serving the students of Vermilion Parish.

Board members told NBC News that the meeting was called to vote on whether to approve a new contract for superintendent Jermone Puyau.

Requests for comment from Hargrave and Puyau were not immediately returned Tuesday afternoon. Any action that infringes upon this right is unlawful and unacceptable.

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