Stats: 2017 Was Safest Year for Air Travel on Record

The Public Safety Ministry posted video of the crash site showing burning wreckage

The Public Safety Ministry posted video of the crash site showing burning wreckage

That makes 2017 the safest year ever in terms of both the number of fatal accidents and in terms of fatalities.

The last commercial cargo flight accident occurred in November 2016. (The data excludes cargo flights, military transports and accidents caused by intentional acts.) The safety record is "the culmination of decades of work by thousands of people", industry consultant John Cox, a former airline captain and accident investigator, told The Wall Street Journal.

In comparison, there were 16 accidents and 303 deaths in 2016 among airliners.

According to To70, the announcement of the "safest" year comes in the background of an unprecedented increase in civilian flights around the world.

Adrian Young, of To70, says "Twenty-seventeen is the safest year for aviation ever.' On ther hand he admits civil aviation still has "a very high risk".

In 2017, the chance of a plane being involved in a fatal accident was one in 16 million. Still the lowest numbers in modern aviation history.

But "despite the good news, a note of caution needs to be sounded", the To70 report warned.

Air New Zealand has recently changed its policy to require any electronic devices with lithium-ion batteries to be held in carry-on luggage. According to a study done by a Dutch consulting firm and an aviation safety group that tracks airline crashes, 2017 was the year in which the number of accidental deaths recorded by airlines was zero.

In praising his own efforts on aviation safety, Trump said there were no aviation accident-related deaths in the United States a year ago.

US President Donald Trump boards Air Force One in West Palm Beach, Florida with First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump en route to Washington.

Mr Trump has also made few mentions of commercial aviation during his presidency, and his White House's policy to ban laptops and other electronic devices from carry-on luggage over fears they could be used to smuggle explosives has been criticised. Four days later, in West Virginia, two people were killed in another accident.

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