'Seems unlikely' I'll need to speak with Mueller

'Seems unlikely' I'll need to speak with Mueller

'Seems unlikely' I'll need to speak with Mueller

President Donald Trump said again on Wednesday that the investigation into links between his campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 USA elections is nothing more than a witch hunt, as the President tried repeatedly to turn the attention of reporters to his election opponent Hillary Clinton, as Mr. Trump raised the possibility that there was no need for him to speak with investigators - because he did nothing wrong. For 11 months, we have had this phoney cloud over this administration.

Asked if he would give an interview to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating this case, the President was non-committal.

Although Trump didn't directly answer Fox News reporter John Roberts' question about whether he would agree to an interview, a source told The Washington Post that he was open to the idea.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the probe, and has falsely asserted that it has been proven that there was no collusion between Team Trump and Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation, including in a tweet on Wednesday.

The Point: Trump is obsessed and irritated by the ongoing Russian Federation investigations and the questions he continues to get about them.

He called the allegations of collusion with Russian Federation and any possible wrongdoing by his campaign "a Democrat hoax" and a "phony cloud" to deflect from Hillary Clinton losing the Electoral College and thus the White House. "It has been determined there was no collusion".

While it's unclear who he was referring to, congressional Democrats have repeatedly raised concerns about Trump and his associates' behavior.

He made this comment during a joint press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

"I think that it's up to every political system in countries to scrutinize and discuss their own political agenda in their countries". When Karl followed up to ask if he would do so with the special counsel, the president said he "would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you".

At a press conference in the summer, Trump said he was "100%" willing to testify under oath about his conversations with James B. Comey, whom he fired as Federal Bureau of Investigation director in May. He says, "It seems unlikely you'd even have an interview".

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