NFL Playoffs: Marcus Mariota throws a touchdown pass to himself

Marcus Mariota is playing his first career National Football League playoff game in Kansas City, and his first TD was one-of-a-kind.

On the next play, the Titans kicked a field goal to get on the board for the first time.

But for the second game in a row, Mariota made winning plays to give his team a win, and no other moment was bigger than his fourth quarter block to allow running back Derrick Henry to gain a first down and put the game on ice.

As multiple Kansas City defenders ran at him near the line of scrimmage, Mariota saw an open man in the end zone and threw the ball.

Not only was that the first touchdown pass of Mariota's career, but it was also his first touchdown catch, and yes, it goes in the scorebook as both. Marcus Mariota threw the touchdown pass to Marcus Mariota.

With the Titans down 21-3 deep in the third quarter of their Wild Card matchup against the Chiefs, Mariota hurled a touchdown pass to a rather serendipitous receiver, himself. I've seen quarterbacks catch their own passes before after deflections, Brett Favre, Steve Young and Brad Johnson immediately jump to mind who've done it, but I don't think I've ever seen a quarterback make such an athletic play in the postseason to catch their own touchdown pass.

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