New Xbox One update Adds The "Do Not Disturb" Option

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New Xbox One update Adds The "Do Not Disturb" Option

The Xbox One will automatically update the feature.

Alpha testers, or Xbox Insiders as they're called, will be able to check out the "Next Achievements" feature.

Other incoming features include new ways of tracking Achievement progress and changes to commenting on social feed posts.

Now available as a new Preview Alpha build, but no doubt soon to be launching as a full release, the latest Xbox One update boasts a range of useful new features. Some new features will be available right away, with others rolling out over the next several weeks. As well as, see which Achievements you are closest to, and launch the game to obtain them. Filters can be sorted to see most common, rarest, most common rare, and highest Gamerscore too.

Chief among the new features is a "Next Achievements" function found in the Guide, enabling you to view and sort a list of upcoming achievements.

This is a relatively minor, but very welcome, addition to the service, and is probably the most noteworthy addition on top of the mini game hubs and granular options being added to the inactivity shutdown menu. It will show you need-to-know information without leaving your game such as online friends, upcoming Achievements, Looking for Group requests, and more. The Narrator is also now able to read large amounts of text.

A fix is now being determined for guide/home crashes.

Xbox is investigating the inaccurate RGB colors that have been reported when displaying in 4K HDR mode when playing a UHD disc.

It'll also soon be possible to set up an automatic shut down time range, which is pretty great if you tend to leave your console running when you leave the home and walk around for a whole day with fire risk fears hanging over your head.

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