Knox County Health Department offers free flu vaccinations

State records show that the flu season in Illinois appears to be peaking early this year

State records show that the flu season in Illinois appears to be peaking early this year. Darron Cummings AP

The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations recommended the switch to an adjuvanted vaccine in over-65s past year, but recommended any change should start with those over 75.

Week 52 had 925 new flu-associated hospitalizations which increased from 554 during Week 51.

OH has not reported any flu-associated pediatric deaths so far for the 2017-18 flu season (adult flu-associated deaths are not required to be reported to public health agencies).

HPS in its latest report says 'There is continuing evidence of increasing secondary care pressure based on virological detections of influenza'.

Knox County Health Department is providing free flu vaccinations while supplies last at all three of its locations: the main location at 140 Dameron Avenue, West Clinic at 1028 Old Cedar Bluff Road, and Teague Clinic at 405 Dante Road.

Flu activity in the US usually peaks around February.

However, despite reports, the vaccine is not as effective as in previous years but the CDC and doctors, are still recommending you get vaccinated.

Flu shot or not, experts say, the classic hot water and soap on the regular is key. There's no requirement for reporting adult flu-associated deaths to public health agencies.

The Tennessee Department of Health oversee 89 county health departments that will be offering the free shots.

Flu vaccine for people of all ages is widely available in Nashville and throughout Tennessee from health department clinics, primary health care providers, walk-in clinics, groceries and pharmacies. "Thirty percent protection is still better than zero". Dr. Buchanan urges people to call their doctor first before going to the emergency room.

"The earlier you get treated, the better", Rasnake said.

Suffoletto said it's crucial to take the small steps, such as covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing and washing your hands.

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