Khloe Kardashian reveals more deets about her pregnancy

Courtesy of NBC View View 19

Courtesy of NBC View View 19

Khloe also revealed that she plans to have her man, Tristan Thompson, as well as the family members who annoy her the least, in the delivery room.

"Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she said: "[Tristan] kept saying, 'You're pregnant, ' and I was like, 'Be quiet, I'm not pregnant.' I was nauseous, not feeling well and then he had to leave the country. It's so weird and surreal!.

Later, he said, "I don't want to talk about that. I don't know what you're talking about". Sources told us that the makeup mogul is ready to say goodbye to showbiz for good!

"It's actually all caught on Keeping Up, which I'm excited about".

Khloé Kardashian is embracing every aspect of her first pregnancy but there is one thing that she's a little nervous about - whether her belly button will become an outie as her baby bump grows.

She continued: "You know, for a long time I was told, "Khloe, you've got to lose weight because you're really hurting the brand" or this or that".

Since Khloe Kardashian already announced her baby, we and the rest of the world is naturally assuming the special two-night event will confirm Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, but the trailer is vague. "They're just guesses. Let them keep fishing". Rumors of her pregnancy have been floating around since the middle of 2017, but the KUWK star only confirmed the rumors with an Instagram post last December.

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