Kanye West Rapped For A Cancer Patient Days Before Her Death

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Kanye West Rapped For A Cancer Patient Days Before Her Death

When Kanye West found out about a fan trying to reach him who was dying of cancer, he quickly caught up with her family.

Proving that your whole "New Year, New Me" thing can only ever last a days into January, Kim told her 106 million followers that she was "craving McDonald's" in the caption for her latest Insta post. He performed "I love Kanye" much to the delight of the ailing young girl. The Twitter user noted that his conversation with the girl "wasn't even blasted on social media or anything" by the West-Kardashian clan.

Before anyone claims this might have been made up or just a tall tale from a fan to make Yeezy look like such a caring and kind person, his wife Kim Kardashian, 37, backed up the story! Making her happy in her last moments, ' she tweeted.

We are praying for her family.

This isn't the first time that Kanye has done a good deed and kept it quiet; past year, fan Tyler Wesley who was left paralysed after a auto accident, shared a heartfelt Instagram post about how the crash had taught him to never give up. You show the world anyting is possible. "Thank you for sharing your journey", West wrote in the note.

I'm getting dangerously close to liking Kanye, here.

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