James Cameron Calls Eliza Dushku 'Brave' for Revealing 'Heartbreaking' Assault

James Cameron Calls Eliza Dushku 'Brave' for Revealing 'Heartbreaking' Assault

James Cameron Calls Eliza Dushku 'Brave' for Revealing 'Heartbreaking' Assault

He went on to say: "Obviously, Eliza is very fearless for speaking up".

The actress said that she has "struggled with how and when to disclose this, if ever", adding that "at the time, I shared what happened to me with my parents, two adult friends and one of my older brothers". And I'm glad Eliza did it.

Cameron called it "heartbreaking that it happened to her" on his film. The director went on to note that he had not worked with stunt coordinator Kramer since "True Lies" and acknowledged the need for an open and supportive system to report such misconduct. The fact that this was happening under our noses and we didn't know about it, I think going forward it's important for all industries - certainly Hollywood - to create a safe avenue for people to speak up.

But Cameron said he doesn't see sexual harassment or assault as "a Hollywood problem, Hollywood is in a unique position of shining a spotlight on it", because prominent accusers are famous, even if they weren't at the time they were victims. It's one of the things we do and do well.

This is a great moment in history, unfortunately it's founded on personal tragedy for so many of these women. Additionally, she says Hollywood has been "very good" to her but also "failed to protect" her as a child actress.

A lot of it has to come from some kind of lack of empathy. "They are clearly not feeling what this is going to mean to this person further down the line". I think the psychological consequences have to be understood. "Now, especially when I have daughters, there really is no mercy".

Dushku posted an emotional Facebook post on Saturday morning detailing an encounter where stunt coordinator Joel Kramer undressed and rubbed his naked body over hers when she was only 12 years old.

Hear what she had to say in the video below. We look back at how she got there. When Dushku told an adult female friend, she was injured in a "stunt" gone wrong the next day. True Lies, which was directed by James Cameron and released in 1994, also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

"On a daily basis he rigged wires and harnesses on my 12 year old body", she wrote. "He was supposed to be my protector, he was my abuser", Dushku writes. "At the time, Eliza was too scared to tell the whole story and in a way I think she protected me from knowing because she knew how frightened I was of the powerful men on the set". Kramer categorically denied the accusations in a phone call to The Wrap on Saturday, describing them as "absolute lies" and saying he's "shocked" and "floored" by them.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress then claimed he then lay on top of her and sexually abused her, while telling her to "stop pretending you're sleeping". Kramer called her account "atrocious lies" and denied her claim that he gave her the nickname of "Jailbait".

Kramer said the lies perpetrated by Eliza are incredibly vicious and entirely contrived. It's not true. I think she's making this up in her imagination. "We do everything we can to make sure everybody is safe".

"This is all vile lies", Kramer told Us.

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