He set a spider on fire. But the spider got even

Fire officials investigating cause of Redding apartment fire

Redding man who tried to kill a spider may have set his apartment on fire

Lyndsey Wisegarver, a caregiver for one of the men living in the apartment, said one a man tried to kill the spider in an upstairs bedroom.

A Northern California man was so pissed off by the big spider he saw in his apartment over the weekend that he made a decision to kill it using fire.

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Wolf spiders can grow up to the size of a human hand, though many sub-species are much smaller.

Firefighters at the scene after the fire.

The residents will have to stay somewhere else for the time being because the building has been deemed structurally unsound.

The residents unsuccessfully tried to quench the blaze using a garden hose but, before long, a fire was raging in the room.

"It was a huge wolf spider", Wisegarver told the paper.

Everybody was able to get out safely but Redding Fire Battalion Chief Rob Pitt said the apartment is now uninhabitable.

The Redding Fire Department said that they do not yet have an official designation for what started the fire and will investigate the claim about the spider.

Although the blaze was quickly extinguished, it caused around £8,000 in damage ($11,000).

"We'll make it work", she said, the Searchlight reported.

They say they were trying to burn the spider with a propane torch when they accidentally ignited the corner of a box spring.

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