Five accuse James Franco of misconduct

NATION-NOW     James Franco accused of sexually exploitative behavior by multiple women     
       James Franco accused of sexually exploitative behavior

NATION-NOW James Franco accused of sexually exploitative behavior by multiple women James Franco accused of sexually exploitative behavior

Both Dusome and Chmiel recounted Franco getting angry on a set when none of the actress acquiesced to his request that they take their shirts off. Chmiel says she was told the footage for a jeans commercial; Dusome thought it was for one of his "art films".

A fifth woman, Violet Paley, who had previously spoke out against him on Twitter, said that she met Franco in early 2016 and began a consensual sexual relationship with him that turned into him pressuring her to perform oral sex on him while sitting in a auto.

Five women have come forward accusing James Franco of sexually inappropriate behaviour, following an appearance on U.S. television in which he declared accusations made against him on Twitter were "not accurate".

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The interview with Seth Meyers came just one day before The L.A. Times published an exposé on Franco, accusing him of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior.

One theme runs through almost every allegation against Franco in the Times: He abuses a position of power to put women in uncomfortable scenarios, in which denying his requests risked angering Franco or endangering the women's careers.

"I did read them, I haven't responded".

"The things that I heard that were on Twitter are not accurate", he said. "It's a good thing I support".

On Tuesday, Franco denied allegations made on Sunday against him on social media, including by some of the actresses quoted by the Times, but also said, "If I have done something wrong, I will fix it - I have to".

"So, I don't want to shut them down in anyway".

Paley said she later emailed Franco about the ordeal, a claim which was verified by the Los Angeles Times.

Franco said he had "no idea what I did to Ally Sheedy", the War Games and Breakfast Club star who he directed in an off-Broadway play in 2014.

These accusations come after a speaking event featuring James Franco was cancelled by the New York Times after several allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. A handful of other women were selected to appear with Franco, who simulated performing oral sex on each of them, Tither-Kaplan said. One of his students, Hilary Dusome, recalled that he once asked a group of women to take off their tops for a shoot.

"The things that I heard on Twitter are not accurate. I guess I'm just letting it be".

The most harrowing of all the claims was, of course, that of Violet Paley, who told the publication she "didn't want [Franco] to hate her", and so performed oral sex on the director, after which the pair engaged in a consensual sexual relationship.

Franco's attorney, Michael Plonsker, also disputed all of the women's claims in statements to the Times. Tither-Kaplan was a student at Studio 4, the film school Franco founded, and acted in a few of his projects. "Our instructors were excellent, student feedback was positive and this recent tweet from a former student is very inconsistent with the mission of the school, and we are investigating this matter".

The performers were asked to wear masks and lingerie for the shoot, according to Dusome, who also claims they were later asked whether they would remove their shirts.

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