Dianne Feinstein Releases Dossier Testimony

Glenn R. Simpson former Wall Street Journal journalist and co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS during his arrival for a scheduled appearance before a closed House Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday Nov. 14 201

Feinstein releases Senate testimony from co-founder of research firm behind notorious Trump dossier

The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee has released a transcript from an interview with the co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned a dossier of allegations about President Donald Trump's ties to Russian Federation.

However, two sources close to Fusion GPS told NBC News that Simpson's testimony inaccurately conflated what he had been told, and that the human source was actually George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign aide who has pleaded guilty and is cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.

The demand comes one week after Grassley and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

"Her action undermines the integrity of the committee's oversight work and jeopardizes its ability to secure candid voluntary testimony", said Grassley spokesman Taylor Foy. "The only way to set the record straight is to make the transcript public".

"The innuendo and misinformation circulating about the transcript are part of a deeply troubling effort to undermine the investigation into potential collusion and obstruction of justice", said Dianne Feinstein, who is the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A representative for Fusion GPS did not immediately offer a comment.

Mr. Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the firm's co-founders, had called for the transcript's release last week in an op-ed in The New York Times in which they accused Republicans of concealing their testimony in an effort to smear the dossier and distract from questions about the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation. In that piece, the pair criticized the Republican Party lawmakers for leaking choice parts of their testimony and asked for the full interview transcript to be released. "So, you know, that tells you something about somebody", Simpson said during the testimony, regarding Trump's relationship with Sater.

Simpson told the committee that his associate, the former British intelligence operative Christopher Steele, sat down for a "full debriefing" with an Federal Bureau of Investigation contact in Rome in September 2016.

Simpson also said Steele severed his contacts with the FBI before the election following disclosures that the bureau's inquiry had found no connection between Trump campaign and Russian Federation and concerns that it was being "manipulated for political ends by the Trump people". "By then it was obvious there was a crime in progress", Simpson said.

"It was someone like us who made a decision to pick up the phone and report something", he said, adding that he believed the source was "voluntary", and "was concerned about the same concerns we had". He wouldn't put words in their mouth, " the transcript says.

He added: "Somebody's already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come to anybody related to this honest work".

Levy did not expand on that claim in the interview, nor is there any public information that would tie a specific killing to information in the dossier.

In a statement, Fusion GPS said it "commends Sen".

"Diverting our focus from Russian interference to Glenn Simpson or Christopher Steele is, in our view, a misallocation of scarce resources", they said.

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