Dark Souls To Be Remastered For Switch May 25

Dark Souls II was already given the remaster treatment for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 back in 2014, under the subtitle Scholar of the First Sin.

The PC version will be native 4K60 with PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X being able to upscale to 4K.

Why all the resolution talk? No specific release date was given, although the Switch version is said to include a "new scenario" in addition to the full main game.

Hidden in the world of Dark Souls: Remastered are nine online covenants to uncover that will motivate your online interactions. The game is titled Dark Souls: Remastered and will release for all major platforms.

As a long-time Dark Souls player, I'd say that Dark Souls is so much more than the above quote provided by Bandai Namco. As the Switch has sold over 10 million units, meeting Nintendo's internal fiscal year estimates, it's only natural developers and publishers are seeing it as a major entry in the current console gen race. Nintendo has confirmed this to be the case with their Dark Souls: Remastered page.

Dark Souls Remastered, as its aptly been named, is set for release on the Switch on May 25th. This edition offered all of the DLC for Dark Souls II, along with enhanced visuals for modern consoles. We know that. But ads help us pay the bills.

FromSoftware's Dark Souls gained fame, or rather infamy, for being a challenging title that was unforgiving to players that made mistakes.

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