Comedian and Actor Jerry Van Dyke of 'Coach' Dies at 86

Rise to fame Jerry's star turn was on his brother's own Dick Van Dyke Show in 1962 later appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show as well as The Judy Garland Show

Comedian and Actor Jerry Van Dyke of 'Coach' Dies at 86

Jerry Van Dyke, the younger broader of comedian Dick Van Dyke, died Friday, according to multiple reports.

Jerry's wife, Shirley, told TMZ he died Friday afternoon. While it is unclear if Jerry's brother Dick was present at the time of his passing, Shirley did confirm that the brothers spent time together while Dick visited them for Christmas last month.

It's said that the actor's health has been on the decline since being involved in a serious auto accident about two-years ago.

Jerry Van Dyke was a well-known comedian who performed at various military bases and appeared on television programs. The role garnered him four Emmy nominations.

Van Dyke appeared on The Dick Van Dyke show, one of his earliest appearances as Stacey Petrie in 1962. His most recognizable role came in 1989, when he was cast opposite Craig T. Nelson in the aforementioned Coach (pictured right), which aired for nine seasons between 1989-1997.

In his final TV role in 2015, Jerry Van Dyke reprised his role on "The Middle", guesting alongside his brother, Dick. He had three children with his first wife Carol - his daughters Jerri Lynn and Kelly Jean and son Ronald.

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