CES 2018: BlackBerry announces bronze, dual SIM version of KEYone

BlackBerry Motion

CES 2018: BlackBerry announces bronze, dual SIM version of KEYone

"In 2018 we will be working closely with TCL Communication to roll out Android 8.0 Oreo, including additional security and other features, to continue to expand the overall BlackBerry smartphone user experience", added Alex Thurber, senior vice president and general manager of mobility solutions at BlackBerry. It will be available in select markets across Asia, Europe and the Middle East and will come with dual-SIM support for some of those markets.

We've saved the best news for last, though - well, for BlackBerry nostalgists, at least.

BlackBerry, under the ownership of TCL Communications, has announced at CES 2018 that there will be "at least two new BlackBerry smartphones this year".

- It wasn't that long ago that the BlackBerry brand seemed stagnant, but devices like the KEYone and the more recent Motion seem to have gotten some people feeling the faith once more. Specs-wise, it has the same hardware as the Black Edition version, including 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage.

On top of the new Bronze Edition, TCL announced that the BlackBerry Motion will release in the US on January 12 for $449.99 Dollars.

TCL gave a Q1 2018 launch window for the Bronze Edition KEYone, but hasn't released pricing information. The phone runs a pretty lightly skinned version of Android 7.1 with a good handful of BlackBerry software tweaks, many of which BlackBerry says will be trickling down to the KeyOne.

BlackBerry released the KeyOne and Motion smartphones in 2017 to positive reviews.

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