Apple confirms software slows phones with old batteries

Apple's iPhone battery replace offer will cut 2018 sales investment bank analyst warns

Apple confirms software slows phones with old batteries

However, there are some desktop programs to get you through. Thus, Apple's admission has confirmed what iPhone users have long suspected - i.e., that Apple deliberately degrades the performance of older iPhone models through iOS updates to encourage users to buy new iPhones.

To get a new battery, log on to Apple's support site, and then select iPhone, then Battery, then Battery replacement.

"We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right way", said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller, who cautioned that "initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited".

In other words: how do you tell if you need a replacement battery? However, I think that Apple would have said, plus labor costs, if there were any. Weeks later, the company is being sued, and the battery replacement is its public relations response.

Lithium-ion batteries don't last forever and regular wear and tear will diminish its performance over time (usually after two years of regular use).

If it shows anything under 80-percent, you should get your iPhone battery replaced. Apple just started a program that can make old iPhones feel new again - for just $29 (Rs. 2,000 plus taxes in India).

The wait could be several days.

Another early source of frustration for customers is Apple seemed to be updating its process as it went along. Absent the code inserted by Apple, the reduced battery capacity of these phones would not have negatively affected processing performance.

Still, some customers have not been as forgiving - or patient.

Getting battery replacement on your old iPhone models can actually make a lot of difference to the overall performance of the device. Checking the battery health of your iPhone isn't a tough task and in some cases, you don't even need to visit the Apple Store for the same and you can do it on your own. When the battery depletes to a certain point, the iPhone can randomly crash - and the slow down of old iPhones purportedly prevents this issue. (If you paid for AppleCare+ coverage, it might even be free.) Remember, this isn't just about improving battery life; some tests have found replacing the battery can result in speed improvements of over 100 percent.

However, Apple announced in a statement that the effort was created to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by aging batteries.

Previously, whenever developers tried to release an app that measured iPhone battery charge cycles, Apple pulled it from the App Store.

By September, she said, the replacement phone was failing, too.

If you've got an iPhone 7 or newer, check the Battery Life app infrequently and see where things are headed.

Since the iPhone 6, most every major iOS update has been accompanied by a spike in searches like "iPhone is slow".

Keep the phone half-charged when stored for the long term.

Avoid cold temperatures, which can lead to unexpected shutdowns and zap battery life.

Look for key warning signs, such as longer launch times, dimming backlighting, lower speaker volume and disabled camera flash. Follow the steps below to see if it's time to replace your iPhone battery.

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