Apple acquires Canada-based app development service buddybuild

To boost subscriber base, the company is now venturing into original programming.

Developers favor Buddybuild, as the tool affords them quick and easy deployment of mobile applications through multiple channels such as GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab.

The post also apparently states that their service will remain available to existing customers but the company will refrain from accepting new customers soon.

Apple App Store now offers users close to 2,000 ARKit-enabled apps across various categories like games, shopping, education, social media, and more. Apple's acquisition of the startup could lead to vastly improved workflows for developers making apps for iOS devices. The startup provides app developers a single platform to code for big projects. In a business sense, Apple buying Buddybuild is a move to beef up the iOS ecosystem against rival Android by Google. On paper, at least, Buddybuild would add to what TestFlight now offers with a deeper range of developer options and support for app developers covering Apple's range of mobile operating systems.

More to the point, it should make developing and iterating apps for iOS that much easier than before.

Apple's real statistics spat in the face of Forbes contributor John Koetsier who quoted Apptopia leader Adam Blacker stating that "Adoption of ARKit isn't great at less than 1,000 apps of the 3,000,000+ apps in the App Store have installed it since its September launch".

Android devices have outstripped iPhones as regards to market share.

Free-to-play augmented reality game PokémonGO saw a resurgence towards the end of 2017, dominating Apple's App Store sales chart right after the release of the AR+ mode. "Of the $17 billion generated in Q3 from apps globally (excluding China), Apple accounted for around $11 billion of it, according to App Annie", the report added. During the seven days that started on Christmas Day, the App Store took in an awesome $890 million.

The Xcode engineering group absorbing Buddybuild will only make the iOS environment more developer-friendly and presumably make Apple steps ahead of Google. It started to require its users to use Xcode when utilizing the service.

The company was established in 2015 by former Amazon employees. Reportedly, the company has raised a total of $8.8 million in funding.

Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of the photo sharing website Flickr and workspace messaging app Slack, has served as an adviser for Buddybuild. The remaining roster of existing customers is an impressive one, including Mozilla, Hootsuite, Reddit, SoundCloud, FourSquare and The New York Times.

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