5 things you need to know about The Wall

The incredibly tiny MicroLEDs emit their own light similar to OLED and do not require a backlight

The incredibly tiny MicroLEDs emit their own light similar to OLED and do not require a backlight

Samsung describes the TV as a scalable product, which can fit nearly any size you can imagine (its technology comes from Samsung's 34-foot cinema display). The Wall of Samsung is not restricted to resolution or form either, being a "self-emitting" TV having micrometer scale LEDs that are way smaller than present LEDs. Since each pixel is self-emitting, there's no backlight like there is with LCDs, and that means it can deliver brighter whites and pure blacks like OLED.

Again, showing off insane TVs at CES is nothing new-Samsung itself showcased a 170-inch display at the show just two years ago.

"Screens should not be limited by size", said Jonghee Han, president of the company's visual display unit at the press presentation at CES. The company on Monday unveiled a giant 146-inch microLED TV called "The Wall" and an AI-powered 85-inch 8K TV.

The most exciting thing about The Wall is the new MicroLED screen technology that Samsung just introduced, which will probably be used in other devices, including smartphones and tablets in the not so distant future.

AN ENORMOUS television you can piece together like a jigsaw puzzle to cover an entire wall is among the futuristic screen technology revealed in the lead-up to the world's biggest technology show. It employs a proprietary algorithm to adjust screen resolution based on picture quality characteristics of each scene, to continuously improve picture quality and easily transform any type of content from any source into a high-resolution 8K.

Samsung is yet to announce a price, but Mr Brown saidthe ground-breaking technology could cost more than a brand new auto. It will be available globally but will first come to Korea and the U.S. in the second half of this year.

Support for HDR10+ is also on offer because Samsung has a vested interest in the dynamic range enhancing standard.

A QLED TV featuring 8K AI upscaling was also shown by Samsung.

The company also promoted Bixby as the brains behind a new generation of smart TVs, and smart home products, under the SmartThings brand. 2018 will also see the launch of Universal Guide - an advanced program guide which automatically recommends TV programs and content according to a user's preferences. We already saw some 8K TVs at IFA last September, but with CES upon us we're seeing a lot more. The services provided by the website is intended for your reference only.

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