Young man meets 81-year-old he befriended on 'Words with Friends'

Young man meets woman, 86, he'd been playing Words With Friends with for a year

These Two Cuties Met Playing Words With Friends And Now They're Friends IRL

As of Monday, the tweet has more than 1 million likes, 240,000 retweets and 5,000 comments. They eventually played more than 300 games against each other.

Fox 5 reports that 22-year-old Spencer Sleyon, who lives in NY, flew down to West Palm Beach to meet 81-year-old Rosalind Guttman.

A young man and an elderly woman who "randomly" met playing Words With Friends together online a year ago and went on to share 324 games have now met up in person.

But the pair have formed an unlikely friendship through their Words With Friends battles.

A Manhattan pastor heard about their friendship and helped them finally meet last week.

A young man traveled over 1,000 miles to meet the elderly woman he became friends with through an online game. Spencer, 22, posted pictures of their meet up to Twitter.

"We played [300-plus] games together, and [Roz] actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine", Tweeted Sleyon. Butler decided to make the trip happen after hearing Sleyon tell her daughter about his virtual friendship.

The meeting was made possible by Amy Butler, a pastor of Riverside Church in New York's Morningside Heights whose daughter is friends with Spencer.

She then added: "Sweet day today with Spencer and his #wordswithfriends friend, Roz, watching them bond in person for the first time".

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