WhatsApp iOS 11 message warns to not shut app

WhatsApp iOS 11 message warns to not shut app

WhatsApp iOS 11 message warns to not shut app

A date bug in iOS 11.1.2 appears to be causing iPhone devices to crash all around the world as local time-zones roll into December 2. Updates usually bring their own problems and it looks like the latest version of the OS has brought a very peculiar one to the iPhone X. The provided options could give quick fixes until Apple introduces the final version of iOS 11.2.

Earlier in the day, iPhone users affected by the glitch turned up at the Apple Store in Orchard Road.

One of the most weird chapters in the history of the Apple iPhone thankfully came to an end this morning when Apple pushed out iOS 11.2. Here's more on how to update to iOS 11.2.

Depending upon how many apps you have on your iPhone it might be worthwhile to just disable those and see if it helps. This move suggests Apple knew about the bug and was making preparations to fix it. If you do, until Apple pushes a proper patch, you have two options and will need to pick the one that's least onerous to you.

Embedded as part of Messages, Apple Pay Cash allows users in the U.S.to send money to other Apple Pay users via a prepaid cash card which can be used for Apple Pay transactions.

The cause of the problem seems to be a glitch in the notifications system, with apps that offer local reminders or daily notifications (such as Whatsapp, workout apps, medication reminder apps, and so on) triggering the crash.

Once you have done this, head back to settings and check for the latest update from Apple to fix the issue.

The update also brings support for 7.5W wireless charging for owners of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. When those devices launched, they were limited to charging at 5W, which was the same charge rating as the wired charger. Users can download the 430.7MB update by navigating to Settings General Software Update.

In iOS 11, if you tap on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icons in Control Center, iOS doesn't disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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